Amp Up Your Fitness With Acro Yoga


Are you ready to turn up the heat this spring? In the world of fitness crazes, where people come up with creative new ways of staying fit faster than you can utter the word fitness, there are a few trends that are gaining traction. Acro Yoga is one of the newest trends to gain ground! It is a blend of yoga and acrobatics, and requires a group of two or three people to practise. It can result in certain impressive-looking, selfie-friendly poses, for instance the Superman pose, where one is flying in the air with his arms and legs spread out, while the partner lies on the ground and supports the other in the air using his/her legs on the other person’s hips. What better way to feel livelier, positive and get fit this season than to practice Yoga than with your friend or partner. Put on your gear, plonk on the yoga mat and get, set, breathe! So let’s crack the Acroyoga theory! 

Ace It With Acro

The trust and strength building movements with the essence of Thai massage and yoga asanas. The essence of being in the moment and in balance with another person defines Acroyoga. Gaze, internal locks, synchronized movement with breath are vital practices of this form of yoga. The basic exercises of AcroYoga involve the base, the flyer and the spotter. The person who positioned with his/her back on the ground is the base and acts as a base. The base is the foundation, so it’s essential to have strong limbs to provide support to the flyer. A flyer has to move into various positions, involving balancing and core strength. The flyer must be confident enough to move above the ground and trust the base. Spotter is a guide who ensures the safe landing of flyer after a position and helps to improve their movements. The session starts with an opening circle wherein the participants breath and move together, followed by warm up sessions involving a structure of yoga poses. Next are some stretches, then is inversion pose and then the session is concluded with a Thai massage that stimulates the energy balance. In these sessions, partners provide support to each other to perform challenging poses, share a connection and confident of each other. Some of the poses of acroyoga include Child Pose, Triangle Pose, Downward Facing Dog. The practice improves mental, physical and spiritual aspects, ranging from improving concentration, one’s personality, confidence, trust, and kindness besides helps lose weight and makes the skin glow, improves digestion and relieves stress.

Improve Life With Acroyogic Pose

Acroyogic positions, are performing poses in pairs, with one of you acting as a stabilising base, both partner’s core muscles have to work extra hard just to maintain a position. The power of gravity and natural resistance play their part in enabling both bodies to achieve a greater range of flexibility than from yoga performed on mats.

AcroYoga Expert Pradeep Mehta says,‘AcroYoga elevates the connection between you and others through movement, connection, and play. Acro in Greek  means high, or elevated. Yoga in Sanskrit commonly translates to notions of union, or joining. The experience of taking flight with AcroYoga instantly dissolves fears and invites practitioners to tap into new and infinite possibilities of communication, trust, and union. With benefits spanning across the realms of mind, body, and spirit, the practice of AcroYoga is well worth looking into. As a teacher & practitioner of Acro yoga, it seems that a week can’t go by without someone saying and of course it is fun loving. In a traditional Yoga class, we practice syncing our movements with our breath. Mindfully connect the breath and the body, and you can unlock higher states of consciousness that ultimately move you toward “the oneness.

In the practice of Acro Yoga, the aim is much the same. Only rather than simply unifying your breath & your movements, you add the unpredictable element of partnership. This raises the stakes. Essentially, Acro Yoga is Yoga, and it’s just as valid as any other adaptation. Acrobatic workouts are still new to the mainstream fitness and that’s why acroyoga is more popular.  AcroYoga, a blend of acrobatics, yoga and healing founded by Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer in 2003. The workout has since exploded in popularity, with celebrities like Ashley Judd, Gisele Bundcheng lee and Lena Dunham, and use the workout as a chance to get comfortable with your partner. The practice of AcroYoga can mold the overall personality of the participant by improving mental, physical and spiritual aspects. Its athleticism, discipline, and concentration improve one’s personality, confidence, trust, and kindness. It also helps to lose weight and the Thai massage makes the skin glow. Benefits of acroyoga include: 

  1. Trio combination results in a stronger immune system and improves the overall quality of life. It makes for a happy, satisfied and content life.
  2. It helps ease various chronic health conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain, etc. It improves digestion, boosts elimination of toxins, and improves blood circulation, thereby building stamina.
  3. It improves memory and capacity to recall as well.
  4. Overall, Acroyoga promotes mental and physical health and a positive attitude towards life.
  5. The practice consists of three persons, one taking the role of a so-called flyer, the other functions as a base and a third person is the spotter.
  6. The base assists the flyer in various poses and the spotter supervises the movements and can help if the base and the flyer are unstable.
  7. The base can assist the flyer in stretches and can knead him or her – these practices are used during Thai massage.
  8. Primarily, the base’s legs, core and arms get strengthened and depending on the flyer’s position their back is released, muscles are stretched and strengthened.

There are no as such best moves or time, all the poses you do is best and you can do it every day. There is no time limit for the workout. It’s always good to work out more and more with your partner which creates a lot of Trust, communication and playful ness. Acroyoga is for everyone and for any size of person with any level of physical experience. One does not need to be a professional acrobat or fitness professional. Yes as long as you are physically active in some way and have no grave medical conditions.


· Skillful Spotting for safe flight
· It’s all Bone Stacking
· No Experience or Partner Required
· Yoga Made Social
· Fitness Made Fun
Like any form of physical activity, it can be dangerous when not done correctly. There can be pulled muscles, falls, even head injuries if you’re not careful. Learn from an expert and practice under supervision.
· Lousy Balance
· Poor Judgment
· Delayed Reactions
· Distraction
· Dizziness

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