Being stepmum wonderful for Lynch


Jane Lynch says her parenting skills were 'lacking'

Jane Lynch has revealed how being a stepmum has changed her life.

The US actress, who has won awards for her portrayal of acerbic cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester in Glee, married partner Lara Embry last summer and is stepmother to her eight-year-old daughter Hayden.

“I’m a step-parent right now, and forever, I guess I’m committed – it’s wonderful, though, and it’s a part of myself I never expected to know,” she told Heat.

Jane freely admitted her parenting instincts are “lacking”, but tries her best with Hayden.

“I have never been much of a child person – I’ve always loved dogs much more. It had to be a very special child for me to want to [be a parent] and she is,” she continued.

“My parenting instincts are lacking, but my wife is a wonderful mother, so thank God I’m not expected to do the bulk of the parenting. I’m not even expected to do 50 per cent of it, because she is so good.”

The actress, who celebrated her 50th birthday last July, said hitting the milestone is “cool”.

“I do think that with the fact that I got married this year and I have a kid, turning 50 is pretty cool,” she said.

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