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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Beyonce brushes off baby rumours

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Beyonce said she was tired of the baby rumours

Beyonce has brushed off rumours she is pregnant, saying: “It’s part of being a celebrity, I guess.”

The Sweet Dreams singer said she was tired of hearing rumours about her.

“At this point, they say that I’ve been pregnant like eight times, so I am kind of used to it,” the 29-year-old singer said.

She added: “I just hope that one day when I decide to be pregnant that people are happy for me. One day hopefully I will be. It’s part of being a celebrity, I guess.”

Beyonce is delivering something else – however: a concert DVD called I Am… World Tour which goes on sale in the US Friday. Beyonce has promised it shows a more personal side to her.

“I felt like I’ve done so many different things, it’s time for me to show a bit of who I am. The hardest thing was showing that, because a lot of things that I filmed, I filmed in my computer, and I would never have gotten so open if someone else was in the room,” she explained.

Beyonce produced, directed and edited I Am, which follows the singer on her world tour.

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