Boris Johnson Resigns As Conservative Party Leader

Boris Johnson resigns as Prime Minister

British prime minister Boris Johnson has resigned on Thursday.

He steps down as Conservative Party leader and prime minister but will remain in office until a successor is chosen. The schedule will be announced next week and it’s expected to be confirmed by the Conservative Party conference later in this year in October.

It has been a very difficult journey for Mr Johnson as he vowed and was adamant he would not leave the office of Prime Minister. He defiant to all calls of resignation by his fellow party MPs and held on a tight grip on power even survived a no confidence vote in June.

Unfortunately having over 50 resignations from his cabinet was now untenable and he just had no other option than to resign. It was clear that his party did not want as leader anymore and there was no way he could carry on.

According to sources he had spoken to Sir Graham Brady and agreed to reign but will stay in office until a new leader is in place.