Boris Johnson resigns as UK Foreign Secretary

Boris Johnson resigns as UK Foreign Secretary


British foreign secretary Boris Johnson has resigned from Theresa May’s Cabinet, a move which is now likely to trigger a leadership challenge against the British prime minister.

Irish ministers today have declined to comment on the resignation crisis now engulfing 10 Downing Street and how this might affect Brexit. Mr Johnson’s move comes after the resignation of Brexit secretary David Davis, whose shock decision to quit overnight has thrown Ms May’s hoes a new alternative Brexit proposal into chaos.

The UK prime minister is expected to meet her Tory backbenchers this evening and is also scheduled to address the House of Commons shortly.mBut Mr Johnson’s move now makes Ms May’s position even more fragile.

The foreign secretary had criticised her new Brexit plan at Chequers last week. In a crude outburst, the outspoken Tory told the meeting of the British Cabinet that defending the plans was like “polishing a turd”.

Mr Johnson today had been scheduled to host a launch at the EU-Western Balkans summit in London today but pulled out. His resignation now increases the chances of a leadership challenge against the British prime minister, a scenario that could also trigger potentially fresh elections in Britain.

The dramatic developments come as Britain was set to launch a white paper this week setting out future relations with the European Union after Brexit. It is less than nine months to Brexit. Furthermore, London has until just October to finalise a deal with the EU and Ireland about its divorce from the union.