Bosworth's film keeps her in shape


Kate Bosworth learnt some martial arts for her latest film

Kate Bosworth has admitted she loved getting tough in new martial arts movie The Warrior’s Way.

The 27-year-old blonde beauty, who played damsel in distress Lois Lane in Superman Returns, plays circus knife thrower Lynne in the new film which also stars Korean actor Dong-gun Jang as an Asian warrior assassin forced to hide in a small town in the American Badlands.

Kate said of her latest role: “Well it was certainly different! She’s kind of Calamity Jane, loose cannon kind of kooky character. And there was a lot of butt-kicking as well so that was fun.”

Kate admitted that training for the martial arts scenes was hard, but she was proud of what she achieved.

She said: “It was difficult,exhausting, brutal… but pretty fulfilling. I think we all ended up wearing our bruises and scratches with pride.”

She added: “There was a lot of martial arts training and I wish I’d had a little bit more time to spend on the moves, but we didn’t really have it so we were trying to do as much as possible. You have to have the focus of an athlete really when you’re training for things like that and I think we all did.”

The Wonderland star revealed she is not a fan of the gym, so she was pleased at being able to use the martial arts to stay in shape.

She said: “It definitely got me a little bit more toned.

“I horseback ride, so that’s sort of my exercise. I’m not very good at going to the gym, it’s a little too stuffy, but I love getting outside and getting some fresh air.”