Boyle: This time it's personal


Danny Boyle said 127 Hours proved to be very personal for him

Danny Boyle says 127 Hours proved to be “a very personal journey”.

“For me it’s a very personal film and I thought back a lot about what I was like at 27,” the Oscar winning director insists.

“Although this is about a rock climber and it’s very specific, in another sense it’s about what a lot of young guys feel,” Danny explained.

“You feel omnipotent at 27, you’ve got so much going for you and you don’t think you need anybody really.”

The movie, which stars James Franco, is based on the real-life story of what happened to Aron Ralston who, after being trapped under a boulder in an isolated canyon for 127 hours, cut off his arm to save his life.

He went on: “You think you can do it on your own and I’ve learned over time that’s passed how much better a job I could have made using that time with other people rather than just myself, so it’s a very personal journey for me, weirdly enough!

“Even though it’s about this guy from Colorado, I’ve got nothing to do with him in many ways, but in another way it’s very personal,” he laughed.

:: 127 hours is released in cinemas on Friday, January 7.

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