Bring Back Boris Says 47,000 Outraged Tory Members

Boris Johnson at the Farnborough Air Show.

It all started with relentless media story after story on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Partygate during the country’s lockdown in 2020 and ended up in fines and apology from Mr Johnson for breaking the Covid Restrictions rules set by his government.

His opponents were not satisfied and his allies plotted against him and eventually brought the ‘No Confidence Vote’ to the Parliament on the 6th of June. They wanted him gone but unfortunately for them he won by a considerable amount of margin.

This was still not enough to get rid of him as he now had ‘The Remainers’, that never forgave him for Brexit wanting him gone too. The press continued their daily witch hunts with negative story after story and his parliamentary opponents desperately wanted him gone as well.

He was still holding tight to the office but his enemies wanted him out of No 10 Downing Street no matter what and they relentlessly pursued this objective by continuous daily news of his incompetence and demanding his resignation.

It got to the stage where he simply couldn’t hold out anymore and he finally succumbed and announced his resignation.

The Leadership Battle

Result of the second round.

The leadership battle has been truly boring and lacks lustre especially because of the high cost of living crisis and the state of the economy. The British public already had enough and felt excluded from this initial leg of the race.

It didn’t seem right and some on social media said it looked like a stitch up. What makes it more ridiculous is the fact that the country voted in Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and he won with 80 seat majority but it only took a few Parliamentary members to take him down.

The leadership campaign has not really been interesting and with many members predicting a catastrophic loss to Labour at the next election. The race started with 8 MPs and the final Two being ex Chancellor Rishi Sunak and ex Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss.

From social media observations some members felt that Boris Johnson was stitched up and a huge outrage was directed especially at Rishi Sunak as many believe that he has been plotting against Boris Johnson for over a year and even set up a domain years ago.

There has been a massive outraged amongst the Tory members about this Tory leadership race and as of Thursday afternoon there has been 47,000 members demanding the name of Boris Johnson to be added on the final ballot.

They feel cheated that a democratically elected Prime Minister with a landslide victory winning by 80 seats can just be removed without the members voting for this act.

Nobody knows if the Party 1922 Committee will listen to all these petitions and allow Boris Johnson to be added to the ballot. One thing is clear, the majority of the party membership dislike Rishi Sunak so much that there as been thousands of daily #neverrishi trending on Twitter for the past week.

Boris Johnson is without a doubt a larger than life figure and a winner for the Conservative Party and the fear amongst the members is that these finalists, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss will lose to Labour at the next General Election.

Can this happen? Has Boris Johnson got anymore lives left? We just have to wait and see.


There were thousands of tweets saying ‘Bring Back Boris’, here are a few below: