Carol Vorderman: Blondes have more fun

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman has been showing off her new blonde tresses on TV and hinted: “I’ve had a lot more offers of fun.”

The tanned presenter, 54, appeared on ITV’s Lorraine in a figure-hugging canary yellow dress – leading the show’s host to compliment her on her bottom.

The former brunette, who has had a mixed response to her new look, said of the inspiration for it: “I’ve got a very low boredom threshold.

“What’s the worst that can happen? You’re slagged off, so what’s new?… I’ve had an interesting reaction, let me tell you.

“Blondes do have a lot more offers of fun, that’s for sure. They absolutely do!”

Lorraine Kelly complimented her guest on her rear, saying; “That bottom, it’s a thing of beauty”.

Carol, who has a pilot’s licence and is preparing to fly solo around the world, replied: “It’s a thing with it’s own gravitational field, it’s that big. It’s huge! I can balance pints of beer on it now.”

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