Congratulations Britain: Today is our “National Independence Day”

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, knocks "the first brick out of the wall", leading the leave campaign as Britain makes history.

The storm has calmed, and a new day has dawned in British history. By around 6:50 am, Britain had decided to leave the European Union with a 52% to 48% victory.

It first started off in Gibraltar, where a unanimous 95.9% victory for remain kicked off the start of the poll results. Nigel Farage had made a speech following that result stating that the “genie is out of the bottle” for Eurosceptics alike, and that regardless of the result the views on the European Union will be open for the country to see.

But after hours of results pouring in, the gap between remain and leave started to widen.

Celebrations in Sunderland after a 61.3% win for the leave campaign.
Celebrations in Sunderland after a 61.3% win for the leave campaign.

Britain has taken a large step for democracy, and now this stage has been reached, the government are now in a position to start the negotiations of Article 50 and begin separation from the EU. What Britain should be looking towards as well is stabilizing the markets after a sudden drop in the pound and figuring out the best negotiations for the British economy.

This will be a victory for real people, a victory for ordinary people, a victory for decent people.

Although London had voted 60% to remain, almost no other region in England voted to remain in the EU. Scotland had voted with a majority to remain in the EU. Wales seemed very split although a majority had voted to leave the EU. As for Northern Ireland, due to the relations with the Republic of Ireland, the Euroscepticism was not as high. With a majority of 55.8% for remain, Northern Ireland had chosen to stay in hopes to not raise a barrier between Rep. of Ireland.

History has been made.


  1. I love it! Britain has done to the EU what the US did to Britain 240 years ago. And for the same reasons! If they had just waited a few days they could be celebrating their independence on July 4th.

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