Donald Trump highlights talks with EU over ‘unfair’ tariffs

Donald Trump highlights talks with EU over ‘unfair’ tariffs

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US President Donald Trump

Donald Trump has said his commerce secretary will be talking to the European Union about tariffs the US president argues have been unfair to America.

Mr Trump wrote on Twitter: “Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross will be speaking with representatives of the European Union about eliminating the large Tariffs and Barriers they use against the U.S.A. Not fair to our farmers and manufacturers.”

The president announced last week that the United States would impose heavy tariffs on imported steel and aluminium, with some countries potentially exempted.

Amid fears of a global trade war, the European Union is among those seeking exemptions. Over the weekend, Mr Trump argued that the US has been abused economically by the EU, saying they were “wonderful countries who treat the US very badly on trade”.

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