Donald Trump says Democrat candidates would lead US into ‘economic sinkhole’

Democratic candidates debate to gain supporters for 2020 nomination.

President Donald Trump has warned that his 2020 Democratic rivals will lead the country “into an economic sinkhole” as he weighed in on the first debate in Detroit.

Mr Trump was uncharacteristically quiet through Tuesday night’s debate but tweeted on Wednesday morning that if he “hadn’t won the 2016 Election” the US “would be in a Great Recession/Depression.”

Mr Trump said the Democratic candidates “will lead us into an economic sinkhole the likes of which we have never seen before”.

He added: “With me, only up!”

Ten Democratic candidates appeared on Tuesday, including Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Ms Warren blamed Mr Trump for racially unequal policies in economics and education.

Mr Sanders said Mr Trump demonises immigrants.

Ten more Democrats including former vice president Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will debate tonight.

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