Early gift for Christmas as restaurant workers surprised by big tip

dollars/ U.S.

Two workers at a restaurant in Albuquerque in the US received a big surprise when a group of business owners left them a huge tip.

It was the idea of Battle Tested Business, a local entrepreneurship, business and leadership organisation, whose members left the pair 5,555 US dollars (£4,150).

Founder Ramon Casaus said that he and his colleagues are always looking for creative and meaningful ways to invest back into businesses and the people who keep them going.

“We said, well, what if we all went to dinner and tip out 505 dollars each?” Mr Casaus said.

They called it The 505 Dinner in reference to Albuquerque’s area code.

Battle Tested Business said on its Facebook page that local restaurants and their staff were devastated during the pandemic and that the group believes in the mission of helping in its own backyard.

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