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Farrell: Ray Winstone's scary!

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Colin Farrell says Ray Winstone is a lovely man, but a bit 'scary'

Colin Farrell has admitted he was a little intimidated working with Ray Winstone.

The Irish actor stars with the Brit in William Monahan’s directorial debut, London Boulevard, where he plays his nemesis Gant, a ruthless and terrifying old-school crime boss.

“He’s a scary fella – I mean he’s a lovely man, the most amiable dude, he really is, but he’s a strong man, so it was really fun to play with him,” he revealed.

Colin plays Mitchel, an ex-con who is determined to leave his criminal past behind after being let out of prison.

“If you believe in karma and the idea of Olympians playing chess and using us as pawns, then Mitchel is a man who has made too many missteps to fully realise what he wishes for himself,” he continued.

“Mitchel is fairly bright, but he has a natural aptitude for violence. He started running with the wrong people when he was very young and a life of petty crime ensued. He keeps getting pulled back into that world of back alleys and vitriol and batons coming out.”

:: London Boulevard opens in cinemas on November 26.

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