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Fat Burners & Energy Boosters!

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Don’t we all like natural fat burning foods which also double up as energy boosters? Well, there are plenty of food and herbs which act as organic calorie burners and metabolism boosting sources. When it comes to shedding weight yet remaining energetic there is no shortcut or magic pill or magic solution rather there are whole foods or herbs in supplemental form. Hence we cannot simply be a couch potato, gorge on sinful food, sleep for hours together or remain sleepless, and in return expect to lose weight by throwing in herbs into the menu.

The herbs or wholefood act as a supplement to a healthy and disciplined lifestyle alongside getting just enough sleep, eating quality foods, and remaining active! Herbs work wonders in fat loss, energy or health boosting, but they work in tandem with a healthy lifestyle. Are you ready to embrace herbs in your daily regime? Yes please, bring it on we say!

Magical Foods For Your Daily Diet


Matcha is powdered traditional green tea, you consume the entire chlorophyll filled leaves that are handpicked, steamed, dried, and made into a fine green powder. It contains epigallocatechin which is a very potent antioxidant which inhibits fat cell development, increases fat excretion, turns up metabolism and boosts energy. It even relaxes the body.


Ginseng is a common and renowned herb, since it is subtle it takes a little while to show results. It boosts energy levels, speeds metabolism, and increases weight loss and insulin sensitivity besides regulates blood sugar levels.


Cinnamon is readily available in our kitchen shelves, it is beneficial for reducing or regulation of blood sugar levels, diabetes and bad cholesterol in the body. Add it to your smoothies, fruits, desserts, soups, salads or even a glass of water.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is tremendously beneficial, as is a good source of vitamins A, B, and C alongside potassium and manganese. It contains capsaicin, which gives pepper heat, helps the body in digesting and using proteins, adapting body temperature, helping in arthritis, weight loss, boosts metabolism, melts fat or calories, helps in pain or discomforts and improves blood circulation. Add a sprinkle of cayenne into your dishes or a glass of water.


Cacao is a seed or bean, when in its organic, natural form. It is not only tasty, it is a healthy super food which has health benefits as PMS symptoms, keeps the heart healthy, eases depression besides the magnesium in it boosts heart and brain health, alleviates muscle cramping and alkalinity, improves bone strength. This is not all, it has vitamin C which is great for the immune system, and its zinc improves immunity, boosts the liver, pancreas, and skin, kills appetite, and enhances the mood.

Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps mushrooms are medicinal mushrooms which springs from the body of dead caterpillars in the wild. This herb is gaining popularity as a pre-workout supplement also used by athletes. Cordyceps improves oxygen circulation, and oxygen intake is vital for supplying nutrients to the muscles, avoiding fatigue, or accumulation of lactic acid. Corydceps proficiently increases stamina, endurance, removes excess belly fat and helps the body adapt to environment or stress better.

Health Expert Gautam Ghosh says, ‘Herbs complement a healthy lifestyle. For instance, if you not getting enough sleep, your hormones will feel tired, you’ll have food cravings and an increased appetite or if you are not getting quality foods, your metabolism won’t work properly, similarly if you aren’t working out or active you are making your body weaker and susceptible to sickness and disease. Lifestyle is what makes all the difference. I’d recommend three fat burners cum energy boosters which are easily available in your kitchen. Chia seeds have fat burning hormones, ideal for shedding weight and pumping energy into your body. Turmeric is a wonder food, it reduces inflammation in the body, and reduces fat cells. Tamarind decreases appetite, body fat and increases immunity.

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