By Deborah Thomas

Are you constantly burping, frequently bloated, feeling stomach heaviness or find that you are constantly having heartburns? All these are common symptoms related to indigestion. Millions of people in Britain alone experience indigestion especially more due to the unhealthy work lifestyles and elevated stress levels.

Exceptionally high level of stress causes an erratic secretion of digestive juices in the stomach which may result in abdominal pain, acid indigestion, gurgling, rumbling or a growling stomach discomfort.

There are so many antacids available over the counter that can be used for the relief of these symptoms but it’s not fun constantly popping pills down your throat only to have the symptoms return.

Also, there have been proven facts that several antacids have unpleasant side effects ranging from nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Why not approach this differently with a better strategy by actively preventing indigestion naturally with the following tips:

Modify Your Lifestyle:


It is a proven fact that smoking aggravates indigestion symptoms and such it is advised to cut back heavy smoking habits especially if you find yourself experiencing regular heartburns and indigestion.

Excessive consumption of carbonated beverages and caffeine drinks are proven to cause irritation in the stomach lining which may in turn lead to abdominal pain.

Change Your Eating Patterns:

The way one eats could trigger serious indigestion especially when food is consumed in very large portions quickly causing the stomach to bloat. Top eating experts recommend the following:

Allow yourself enough eating time to prevent you from rushing through meals.

Chew food slowly and completely before swallowing for easy digestion.

Reduce talking during meals and chewing with the mouth open helps reduce the amount of air swallowed while eating.

Avoid foods with high acid or grease as these may trigger the indigestion symptoms.

Avoid exercising shortly after eating.

Change Your Sleep Patterns:

It is recommended by medical experts to wait at least 3 hours after food before going to bed. This allows enough time for your food to be digested before sleeping and this is also highly recommended if you are trying to lose weight. Inactivity enhances build-up of fat.

Always sit up after eating to avoid a roll back of acid from the stomach should you find yourself burping.
Sleep with your pillows propped to prevent your food backing up.

Chewing Gum:

As bizarre as it sounds chewing gum helps to relieve heartburn according to research studies different universities. In 2001 research studies from Wake Forest University in North Carolina proved chewing gum increased oesophageal and pharyngeal pH, which in turn reduced the effects of heartburn.

It sounds great but disposed chewing gum on the streets has become a crisis for the local authorities because it is becoming extremely difficult removing stuck chewing gum from litter bins, street kerbs and sidewalks. Please remember to dispose of your gum responsibly.

Extra Help:

Finally, if you find that you are just not getting any relief and all your symptoms persists for than 2 weeks, it is generally recommended to visit a medical expert.


  1. I hate doctors, they don’t solve any problems. Here in London, they read through booklets to prescribe. I trust my gran’s recipe for illness better

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