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Fitness By Sunsign

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Given the hectic and stressful lives we lead, de-stressing regimes and apt food have become an extreme necessity. Therefore, following some sort of an activity to stay fit, maintain our physical or emotional health and diet has become imperative.

Definitely, awareness has grown in leaps about the varied ways in which one can channel one’s physical and mental energies, however one should avoid having a herd mentality to workouts. We should remember to steer clear of obsessions for the latest fads irrespective of whether it suits them or not. Guys, try to ditch the trends, choose your activities or exercise forms and foods wisely and avoid constant switching.

We are giving you the physical workouts or techniques and diet tips that suit your personality type as per your zodiac sign. Well, every zodiac sign has an energy that’s unique to them, therefore it’s vital to know what activities would work in your favour. Read on to find out more on this interesting recipe for wellness.

1) Aries- You are a fire sign, needless to say your mind is very active and aggressive. You could indulge in some mixed and subtle activities like yoga, meditation, weight training, painting, gardening and pottery. Even playing a musical instrument will help you become more calm, relaxed and meticulous. You are sure blessed with a strong constitution. Go take your pick!


Diet: Get your proteins in place, give yourself plenty of eggs, red meat, besides a good doze of raw veggies, chilli ginseng, cinnamon and thyme would be ideal for you.

fruit vegetable isolated on white
fruit vegetable isolated on white

2) Taurus- You are an earth sign, so you are warm, moody and erratic. You need to give yourself activities like cardio, dance, tennis, hiking, gardening which will help soothe out your energies. Remember, you are active, but with a slow metabolism.


Diet: Ideally you should take in wholegrain cereals, besides good doze of fenugreek is apt for you!

3) Gemini- You are an air sign, you can get a little content and lazy. You got to give yourself something more forceful with regards to a sport or activities. Get going with fair bit of running, jogging, squash, power yoga, cycling and swimming to get you active. Remember, you do not put on too much weight easily so you are a subject of envy to many.

White Fish- cod

Diet: Fresh fruits, veggies, white fish and rosemary are your secret good health food!

4) Cancer- You are a water sign, you are prone to being erratic. A word of caution, you do get bored very fast, you do require new things every day or often. So you can opt for weight training, besides cardio, cross-fit, pilates, zumba and different dance forms to keep your passion for workouts going.

shrimp - fennel

Diet: A supply of fish, artichoke, fennel, avocado, caraway and coriander are best for you.

5) Leo-You are a fire sign, you are severe and aggressive. You have to calm yourself down so you require something soothing or relaxing like yoga, meditation, walking on green grass early in the morning or swimming. Given your zodiac, you could also try some concentration-based regimes.


Diet: Your palate complete with dash of olive oil, saffron and iron rich food would be your best bet.

6) Virgo- Being an earth sign, you tend to get lazy and might procrastinate with wellness issues, so you need to be pushed around. You cannot do with violent or fast-paced, so indulge in swimming, walking, gymming and golf.


Diet: Organic fruits, veggies and curcuma can be your best friends!

7) Libra- You are an air sign, you have to stabilise yourself. You have to gift yourself varied activities ranging from weight training, power yoga, tennis, dance or chess to help you cool and strong headed.

Fibre Foods

Diet: Fiber loaded fruits, vegetables, mint, pepper, all in small portions is your key to good health!

8) Scorpio- Being a water sign, you are deep and moody. You cn easily opt for rigorous regimes to remain pepped up, so tennis, squash, cross-fit, cycling and power yoga will help.

Primrose Oil

Diet: Energetic foods should be your go-to options. Count on primrose seed oil and pumpkin seed oil are a must-have in your diet.

9) Saggitarius- A fire sign, you need to keep calm and carry on! Yoga, meditation, music and golf will help you to channel your unpredictable energies in a better fashion.


Diet: A little wine, sushi, dash of spices can be great for you!

10) Capricorn- An earth sign, you have been tagged sluggish, lethargic and complacent. You might just want to complain about your workout regimes. So simply go swimming, walking and cardio or aerobics will help you keep active.


Diet:Indulge in plenty of dairy products to get your calcium levels in place. Sprouting seeds, veggies, slow cooked dishes and soups are just meant for you.

11) Aquarius- You air sign people, need something to help you balance yourself. A quick session of power yoga, golf, swimming or window shopping (makes you brisk walk) will help balance your energies.


Diet:You should stock up on ginger, herbs, mild spices, besides the detox stuff is great for you.

12) Pisces- A water sign, you got to get involved in an activity that will make you energetic and determined. An indulgence with your friends at tennis, squash, weight training will keep you just fine.


Diet: You like healthy food so you are a sucker for anything with high water content in it. Go indulge in your favourite honeydew melon, cucumber, smoothies, citrus fruits and the works!

So what are you waiting for, spin into spring with these superb fitness and diet tips!

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