Fortnite launches its own merchandise store

Fortnite, Videogames

Fortnite has expanded beyond its gaming world with the launch of its own official merchandise store, selling clothing based on characters from the popular online world.

The online store, known as Retail Row, is currently allowing pre-orders on a onesie themed around the game’s Durr Burgers, as well as a range of t-shirts featuring characters from the game and its own logo.

The t-shirts start at £20 according to the site, and can be purchased now, while the onesie is expected to start shipping at the end of January and will cost £55.

The free-to-play game has become one of the most popular in the world, with reportedly around 200 million registered players on its platform.

The creation of an official merchandise store is also not developer Epic Games’ first attempt at expanding its business model – it recently launched an indie PC game store, designed to challenge established platforms in the market such as Steam.