France’s yellow vest protesters mark milestone amid anti-Semitism furore

Tear gas was fired on Saturday

French yellow vest protesters are marking three months since the start of their anti-government movement.

But national concerns have been raised about the movement’s radical fringe after anti-Semitic remarks were made by some demonstrators.

Protesters have called for multiple rallies around Paris and some other French cities, including a Paris march expected to start at the Arc de Triomphe monument.

The increasingly divided movement has held protests every Saturday since November 17, but some groups are holding rallies this Sunday too, to celebrate its three-month birthday.

An online invitation to Sunday’s main Paris march says “Let’s stay


Police fired tear gas and brought in water cannons and a horse brigade to disperse yellow vest protesters on Saturday in Paris.

The protesters have been critical of the French government and Emmanuel Macron

A few demonstrators hurled anti-Semitic remarks, prompting criticism from French President Emmanuel Macron and many others.

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