According to BleepingComputer, Epic Games store was experiencing a power outage due to game is looking to download a copy of GTA Vthe premium edition that was offered.

In an deleted tweet, epic games announced that the premium addition was it free until May 21st via the Epic Games store.

After that tweet, a massive rush of traffic from overhyped gamers entering the Epic Games store caused a site breakdown. Afterwards anyone attempting to download the the free offer, met a ‘403 Forbidden’ or ‘500 An unexpected error has occurred’ message.
Free GTA offer causes epic games to crash
The 500 HTTP error is an indication of a server breakdown meaning the site cannot be accessed as the loading process could not proceed.

Epic Games notified this to gamers through another tweet, and confirmed users may experience 500 errors, or launcher crashing.

Free GTA offer causes epic games to crash
Screenshot from Epic Games via twitter

Lucky gamers who gained access to the game before free offer was removed were quick to ‘flex’ their new gameplay.

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