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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Godzilla will fight King Kong in 2020!

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Maybe it was inevitable, but lizard will fight ape as Godzilla and King Kong square up to eachother in a major crossover movie planned for 2020.

This sees Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures working together to expand upon 2014’s Godzilla, pushing through Kong: Skull Island in 2017 and Godzilla 2 in 2018 to plan on making a lot of money as the new decade looms.

This shared universe idea is the latest thing in Hollywood, working to ensure returning audiences for multiple franchises and trying to copy the Avengers/Marvel model. The ultimate aim would be to have Godzilla and Mr Kong start out as enemies with all kinds of ferocious bust ups before eventually becoming allies and tag teaming their way through a series of delightful adventures together. Maybe they could eventually go on to hold hands and trip merilly through the skyscapers…

Marvel and DC make sense as shared universes – they have loads of characters who actually come from the same range of comic books but will people care as much about two hulking beasties smacking the crap out of eachother before high fiving and beating the snot out of Mothra?

It’s easy to get on board with Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne but without a character to really appeal to audiences its hard to imagine what direction the series could go? Both Godzilla and King Kong have had sympathetic portrayals in the past but they’re still emotionless behemoths – it’ll be like having a whole movie full of hulks. Or will we be saddled with some weedy human cohorts who are supposed to bring the feels?

So the information we have right now is that we’re going to see these two face off, but neither of them can really win or lose because they have to be mates afterwards. This is going to be very tiresome indeed…

Kong Skull Island lands in March 2017. Godzilla 2 is on for June 2018. Godzilla vs King Kong is coming in 2020.

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