Hackers demand ransom over ‘stolen Disney movie’


Hackers claim to have stolen an upcoming Disney movie and are threatening to release it online if the studio does not pay a ransom.

Bob Iger, the chief executive of Disney, told employees about the hack at a meeting in New York on Monday, multiple sources told The Hollywood Reporter.

Iger reportedly told staff the hackers demanded the ransom in online currency bitcoin and said they would release five minutes of the film at first, and then in 20-minute chunks until their demands are met.

Disney is refusing to pay, he added.

Iger did not name the film but Deadline and the LA Times have reported it is Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge, which is being released in the US as Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

The movie is due for worldwide release later this month.

The ransom demand comes weeks after a hacker uploaded the upcoming fifth series of Orange Is The New Black to The Pirate Bay ahead of the series’ official June 9 launch, after Netflix reportedly refused to pay an undisclosed amount.

Several Hollywood agencies have also been targeted by hackers recently.

Last month United Talent Agency was targeted, causing widespread email problems throughout the company.

Representatives for Disney have been contacted for comment.

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