Irish tourist killed by farm dogs


An Irish tourist has been mauled to death by dogs in Malaysia

An Irish tourist has been mauled to death by two dogs at an organic farm in northern Malaysia, police said.

The man, identified in reports as Maurice Sullivan, 50, died at the scene after being attacked by the dogs at the farm on the northern island of Penang on Sunday, police officer Lai Fah Hin said.

Mr Sullivan was reportedly staying at the farm with his Polish companion to take photos.

Local media quoted the farm owner as saying he would hand over the dogs, which he reared to protect the farm from wild boars and pythons, to the veterinary department. It was unclear what caused them to attack Mr Sullivan.

State veterinary department director Wan Mohamad Kamil Wan Nik said his officers would take the dogs and monitor them for 10 days for rabies before deciding what to do with them.

He said they were cross-breed dogs, common in Malaysia. This was the first such fatal attack in the state, he said.

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