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Jamie makes South Park appearance

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South Park has poked fun at Jamie Oliver’s famous sobbing TV breakdown – by cooking up a teary cameo role.

The episode, to be aired in the UK on Sunday, features Jamie trying to make everyone “healfy” but spending most of the show whimpering and crying.

Jamie is captured in comic form cowering as part of a spoof cooking show.

The celebrity chef broke down in tears on prime-time TV in America earlier this year as he tried to convert America’s fattest city to healthy eating.

Some of the residents of Huntington, West Virginia, refused to eat lettuce and schoolchildren mistook tomatoes for potatoes.

The irreverent hit programme also includes South Park character Cartman dressing up as Gordon Ramsay and inadvertently attracting a professional camera crew to film “Hell’s Kitchen Nightmares Iron Top Chep Cafeteria Throwdown Ultimate Cookoff Challenge”.

The guise is a ploy by Stan and Cartman to show food-obsessed Randy he is a terrible cook and should put more effort into his relationship with Stan’s Mom.

The episode, called Creme Fraiche, aired on US TV last night and will be broadcast on Comedy Central on 10pm on Sunday November 21.

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