Juncker Plays His Hand? – British intelligence could be taken over by EU

Jean Claude Juncker, EU Commission

It has been revealed from the European Commission is pushing to create a larger European intelligence agency. This occurring after previous attempts to access information from MI5 and MI6.

Commission President Jean Claude Juncker is building up a package of Brexit demands including an exit bill of €60 billion (£51.1 billion) from the UK. There have been discussions of an EU Army and further control over ALL European security issues.

This force would be built under the European Commissioner’s command, and follow the orders of the EU. They would also have control over decision to use drone strikes and defense research.

A UK diplomatic source reportedly said: “There is a serious risk that the UK will just say this is impossible and the negotiations will end before they have even begun.”

Many are believing the this ‘exit bill’ is a way to punish the British citizens for deciding to leave the Union, and to pose as an example to rising nationalists that are fighting for referendums in their countries. The other problem pestering the EU was the sudden election of Donald Trump. Trump, a non-establish based politician, has sparked a rise in populists in European countries like France and the Netherlands.

The EU Army


Maj Gen Julian Thompson, the chairman of Veterans for Britain, said: “It is essential that we have clear reassurance from Government we will be no part of these deep and pervasive integration plans.

“It is important to remember that, until we finally leave the EU, the UK is still signed up to Common Security and Defence Policy and is even a member of the EDA, whose job is to integrate the EU’s armed forces.

“The Secretary of State for Defence should instruct the MoD, intelligence services, Defence Academy and other military and civilian authorities not to participate in the unacceptable new demands of this Implementation Plan.

“Without this, the UK will be further drawn into EU defence amalgamation.”

In short, unless Britain begins the process of Article 50 now, the European Commission will push faster into drawing every member of the EU into its army.

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