Keanu Reeves: Maybe I'm too nice


Keanu Reeves can identify with his latest 'nice guy' role

Keanu Reeves has admitted to being too nice at times.

The Matrix star plays Henry in his latest film Henry’s Crime, who is described as “the nicest guy”, which he found easy to relate to.

“He sometimes didn’t know how to say no, and I might have been guilty of that – there’s lots of examples in my youth. Sometimes you go along and you don’t fight for yourself,” he said.

“When I work on a role, there’s the script and there’s me. They kind of come together and they create a different entity,” he added.

In Henry’s Crime, which Keanu also co-produced, his alter-ego Henry lacks ambitions, drive and purpose until he becomes an unwitting participant in an unsuccessful bank heist and is sent to prison.

“I think I related to him, this man who wants something different, who wants to change his life but doesn’t know how. Henry is a funny guy with a good heart, it goes without saying, but I also like his bravery, how he follows his convictions to move forward. I found that, in an odd way, heroic,” Keanu said.

:: Henry’s Crime is in cinemas from January 14.

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