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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Kim Kardashian is ‘brave and pioneering’, says Labour’s Harriet Harman

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Harriet Harman has defended Kim Kardashian posting nude selfies online but described the Sun’s Page 3 girls as “fodder”.

The Labour former deputy leader said the reality TV star is “brave and pioneering” after being asked about her sharing naked pictures of herself to support feminism.

“I am an expert on the Kardashians, I have to confess,” Harman told ITV’s Good Morning Britain during a debate about the EU.

“I think, if you step back, the overall message that comes out of the Kardashian women is that they are kind of going to make their own decisions, make their own way in the world, they’re not going to be told by anybody what to do.

“They are going to try things differently. If they make mistakes, well, they’ll get up back and try and do it differently. There’s a kind of bravery and pioneering spirit in them.”

When asked why she had campaigned to have topless pictures on Page 3 of the Sun scrapped, she replied: “I think it’s an issue of control actually, because I get the sense from the Kardashians that they are in control of their own agenda.

“The thing about Page 3 girls in the Sun is it was male editors producing young girls for the male readers as fodder.”

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  1. What an awful piece!. Who made these women our role models? These are really women without any dignity, empowering women is not about going naked. Why do we not have men going naked and doing naked selfies everyday? The only reason why this is happening is that they are trashing us women and all the young girls look up to them as role models. These women are a disgrace to women and they have no right to represent us. No decent man in his right senses wants his wife or partner publicly naked. These women have lost all shame.

  2. I am sorry, Harriet Harman has lost all credibility. Bravery is the woman that still manages to achieve after surviving cancer. Bravery should be associated with achievements or skills. You need no skill to get naked. I simply cannot believe how this woman even got to be an MP. This is disgusting.

  3. These are not real women, they are harlots and should never speak to women but sadly all these ridiculous media glorify them and they feel they are special. If you get out there and speak to real people, you will see and hear how disgusted they all are. No one cares about these women except dumb, enslaved lot.

  4. Nothing but whores! Who voted for Harriet? She has lost all intelligence and most of credibility.

  5. They are trying so hard to turn all young women into sluts and just look the daily mail is filled with only these people and sometimes i feel i am on a porn site just looking at their front page. Real women are out there working their guts out an a daily basis, struggling to get paid like the men that are just pimping these shamless women. Many people will stop buying all these papers that have nothing but the Kardashian news. They are not even British and i really don’t why we are saturated with all their ridiculous news. Enough guys, don’t post these b……s anymore.

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