Lawyers to stop defending Paris attacks suspect as he decides to carry out silent protest


Lawyers for the only surviving suspect in last November’s terror attack in Paris have said they will no longer defend him.

Frank Berton and Sven Mary told BFM-TV they have decided to stop representing Salah Abdeslam because he has chosen to remain silent in a protest against the 24-hour video surveillance of his prison cell.

Mr Mary said: “When you have the feeling of being there to make social visits to the prison, a decision has to be made.”

Authorities hope Abdeslam can provide information about the Islamic State group’s strategies and networks, and identify others who might have had a connection to the November 13 attacks in the French capital, which killed 130 people.

The same network that attacked Paris struck again in Abdeslam’s hometown of Brussels in March, days after he was arrested in his hideout.

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