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Living Well For Less

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By Deborah Thomas

Lavish living is not always as healthy as you think. Having champagne breakfast on a daily basis and big fancy dinners may sound lush and glamorous but the excessive consumption may lead to alcoholism, obesity and heart problems. Living well should not be attached to wealth because sometimes living the simple way of life does not cost much.

Putting a measure on good living can be a cumbersome process since we all have different interpretations for good living. Those little things easily overlooked can really make a difference on the long term. Shaping your wallet to your purchases need a stronger willpower if you are in debt or perhaps struggling to cope with your income.

Perhaps it’s time to start reviewing your style of living, cutting out the wastage and making wise decisions. Why not digest a few of my tips and see a new you:

1. Smart Groceries Shopping:

Supermarket shopping for food and household goods can be tricky especially when you see those exciting television adverts of reduced prices. One word of advice: always check the weight of the reduced price item and compare this with the weight of other brands. You have to really ensure that you are getting a bargain and compare these prices online to check how much you are saving.

2. Cooking:

Cooking Pasta

Cooking at home is definitely healthier and you get more for your money than buying ready made meals. It may be difficult to cook regularly because of painful work schedules but trying to making a weekend treat to yourself by learning how make simple recipes like veggie salads, pasta dishes and soups.

3. Visiting Farmer’s Markets:

Farmer's Market

I am a fan of the old fashion farmers market where you can get good quality fresh produce at affordable prices. Farmers markets tend to be available in many areas especially over the weekends.
4. Stop Impulse Shopping: Impulse shopping or shopping addiction is very unhealthy and if this is out of control, you really need to get some medical help. Take a step back before buying and check to ask yourself what this purchase is for. Always separate your emotions before buying especially if it is purchase on credit. Get online and to see what alternatives suit your purpose.

5. Trade in old appliances & gadgets:

gadgets old

Did you know that you could get rid of all those old gadgets and appliances gathering dust in home for some extra cash? Maybe, it’s time to consider this and use the proceeds for that new smarter device. More and more retailers are offering deals for trading in old appliances towards the purchase of new ones.

Take stock of all those old equipments, gadgets and household appliances and get some extra cash in your wallet. Every little helps!

6. Quit Smoking:

Quit Smoking Now
Quit Smoking Now

If you are a smoker, you are probably bored to death of this line. Guess what; you are bound to hear this more because more and more organizations and councils are banning cigarette smoking in their premises. Also, smoking cigarettes is a major cause of cancer and quitting now will be a boost to living well.

7. Reading For Pleasure:


Besides gaining knowledge from reading books you gain a better understanding of other communities and cultures. According to various studies and research, reading for pleasure is beneficial to all ages that last all through life. Certain studies also show increasing literacy by reading more has a significant relationship between someone’s happiness and success.

Ultimately living well will bring you more happiness!

National Literacy Trust: Literacy changes lives

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  1. I am now preaching to others to quit smoking. Smoking is just hellish, you cannot imagine how healthy I feel right now

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