London Glossy Meets Instagram Influencer & Artist – Paperboyo, Rich McCor

London Glossy Meets Instagram Influencer & Artist – Paperboyo, Rich McCor


By Deborah Thomas

London Glossy had a chance to speak with the influencer and artist, Rich McCor aka Paperboyo. Known for using paper cut-outs to transform some of the world’s most famous landmarks into incredible artwork, McCor has amassed a lot of interest in this new art style.

Rich McCor, paperboyo,

It takes a lot to design with precision using paper and you have mastered the art. This shows with the incredible artworks of the famous landmarks and comical scenes. Your current collaboration with LG’s launch of the world’s first Wallpaper TV, LG SIGNATURE OLED W is simply stunning. What inspired you to collaborate with LG for this TV?

I think there’s a parallel between artists and inventors, we’re all trying to do something different and find a way to be unique in our own fields. When I heard that LG had designed a TV which,at just a few mm thick, almost paper thin, I was intrigued, and intrigue is something that I aim for in my work.

The first part of the project was to build a paper thin home that was showcased in London’s Spitalfields Market. The pop-up home had all of its furnishings, slimmed down to the size of paper but also included the LG Wallpaper TV. Of course, most furnishings simply won’t work at this width, however with the OLED TV LG have made the impossible possible.

Throughout the day I hosted creative workshops with those visiting the market, where I taught them how to recreate my signature style with paper, scissors and smart photography. Ultimately it felt like an organic collaboration to team up with them and play around with the concept of items being paper thin, yet having surprising qualities to them.

Rich McCor, paperboyo,

A paper artist is a niche profession, what led you to this profession?

I first started making things with paper about seven years ago when I was creating a music video for a friend’s band and realised we didn’t have the budget for a proper shoot, so I suggested we make the set and characters out of paper. Doing that led me to become fascinated with exploring the spectrum of what was possible with paper art. When Instagram started getting popular I became interested in photography, but quickly realised my photography skills weren’t on par with a lot of the big names on the platform and so through a process of experimenting I decided to combine paper craft with photography. Eventually I found my niche in transforming landmarks with cut-outs. I never dreamt that it would become a profession though, it was always just a hobby I kept for my evenings and weekends. When it took off I was keen to see how far I could take it. 

Your job as a paper artist must be tough and must require a lot of concentration and critical thinking to come up with paper cuts that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. How long does this process take?

The process of cutting out the designs has definitely sped up, through experience and being introduced to an array of tools and gimmicks to help me cut the designs. There is no way to speed up the idea development though – that can take hours of doodling, pacing around my room or sometimes just being patient and waiting for an idea to come. This is where the creative challenge lies, so when I do get an idea that I think will work, it’s such a kick.

Rich McCor, paperboyo,

The world is moving up in technology with cutting edge innovations on the horizon. Are you incorporating your paper cuts with some form of technology soon?

Just as the world of technology is fast moving, I think the world of social media is also a field where anyone who wants to succeed has to be innovative and surprising. I’m definitely aware that I need to change things up so I’ve started playing around with animation and exploring that area. Beyond that I’m certainly keen to take my style of photography into new areas. Combining it with technology in another way would be really exciting. I think there’s some potential to do something cool with Augmented Reality for example.

Rich McCor, paperboyo,

Congratulations on the recent publication of your first book. What’s your book about and when will it be available to purchase?

Thank You. The book features images that I have taken over the last couple of years, including exclusive images that I have never shared before. There are also templates for readers to create their own cut-outs as well as an insight into how the ideas for cut-outs are formulated. It’s out on 5th October and available on Amazon and in bookstores.

LG Electronics collaborated with Instagram Artist, Paperboyo to launch the new LG SIGNATURE OLED W TV. At 2.57mm the TV is a technology first, while also offering unique and unbeatable picture quality. Prices start at £7999.

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