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Lord Carey backs Christian campaign

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Lord Carey is due to launch a campaign aimed at 'speaking up' for Christian values in public life

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey is due to launch a campaign aimed at “speaking up” for Christian values in public life.

Lord Carey will give his backing to the Christian Concern “Not Ashamed Day”, urging Christians to “wear their faith with pride” in the face of alleged attempts to “airbrush” them from public life.

The former archbishop will unveil a leaflet as part of the campaign warning that Britain’s Christian culture is “under attack”.

In the leaflet, Lord Carey, who retired as Archbishop of Canterbury in 2002, says: “I am proud of our tradition of tolerance and our historic commitment to welcoming the stranger.

“Yet what many people don’t realise is that it is the Christian faith that underpins these great strengths and that has enriched our nation in so many other ways …

“However, this rich legacy is under attack.

“In spite of having contributed so much to our civilisation and providing its foundation, the Christian faith is in danger of being stealthily and subtly brushed aside.”

Lord Carey said the attempt to “airbrush” the Christian faith “out of the picture” was especially obvious as Christmas approaches.

He said: “The cards that used to carry Christmas wishes now bear ‘Season’s greetings’. The local school nativity play is watered down or disappears altogether.

“The local council switches on ‘winter lights’ in place of Christmas decorations. Even Christmas has become something of which some are ashamed.”

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