McGregor v Mayweather weigh-in: Big money will start rolling once weights are confirmed


With mind-boggling sums on the table for the Conor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather fight, the betting is set to ramp up massively after this evening’s weigh-in.

Punters will see the difference in size between the two when they strip down to their underwear and shout at each other on the plaza outside the T-Mobile Arena in about a half hour’s time. McGregor is the bigger man, with the precise difference between them to be confirmed tonight.

Bookmakers in Nevada are expecting the traditional deluge on the favourite (Mayweather) in the hours before the fight. This usually takes place once the high rollers are in town, and there will be no shortage of those touching down in their private jets in the 24 hours prior to the opening bell.

That will mean huge money being placed on a Mayweather victory, and it is already starting. One Nevada bookmaker has reported that it took a single $300k bet on the American in the hope of winning a $60,000 return. Paddy Power, meanwhile, has already paid out on a Mayweather victory.

Experts believe that the amount of money wagered on this fight will eclipse any previous combat sport event, and that a staggering 95% of in-store betting over here has been on McGregor.

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