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Oysters, loved by many as a favourite gourmet all over the world are healthy, rich in protein, zinc, iron, vitamin B12 and several other minerals. The story known famously for more than 200 years ago from the tales of Giacomo Casanova eating up to five dozens oysters daily to gain unlimited sexual libido is still around today. Ever since Casanova shared his secrets of his sexual escapades, many have gone on an oyster overload hoping to be like this legend. From a variety of marketing ploys during romantic holidays, valentines day promotions etc. making majority believing that a perfect date has to have some starter oyster dish to get the romance going to the next level, is just a scheme to make more money for such companies.


According to science, it is yet to be proven that oysters have aphrodisiac qualities although their excellent source of zinc may be attributed to raising the production of testosterone and temporarily improving sperm motility. Zinc is a key mineral in men’s sexual health as a zinc deficiency can lead to impotence in men. Since zinc is present in various quantities, it is has to be proven that the zinc alone in oysters is sufficient to increase sexual libido.

The high levels of vitamin B12 in oysters release high energy in the body. Perhaps the ability to release this much energy in the body could be a reason to confuse this vigour to high sexual prowess. After all, energy is needed to have a balanced sexual lifestyle.

Oysters are an excellent source of zinc in raw oysters is great as part of a diet to boost the body immunity and this is of great value when you are trying to shake off that stubborn cold.

Also according to published results, 25% to 63 % of American women have some type of sexual dysfunction. Several surveys and reports show that there is a huge decline in sexual intercourse amongst couples especially due to today’s extreme work circumstances and financial problems. Not only has there been a high increase in the use of little helpers like Viagra.


It’s all in your mind is a saying many of us have heard for so long and it is also known that when you say something long enough you start to believe it. The fact remains that there are a few foods that truly stimulate sexual desire whilst some simply just remain a myth


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The decline of true love has led to many resulting to different foods, drinks and props to get it going in the bedroom. This begs a question, is it time to classify sexual activity into a loving sex activity or a sexual relief.

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