Payment by vein is being trialled in London

Payment by vein is being trialled in London


A new payment system that enables customers to pay for their shopping using the veins in their fingers is being trialled in London. Fingopay uses the unique vein pattern in fingertips to scan and identify users and their linked accounts, enabling them to pay for goods in much the same way Apple or Android Pay do.

Now the technology is being tested at a Costcutter store on the Uxbridge campus of Brunel University.
The system, which has been developed by Hitachi and Sthaler, takes a 3D scan of a customer’s finger as part of the registration process, linking the biometric pattern, known as VeinID, to their bank account.


Then, as they reach the till, users place their finger into the scanner in order to complete their purchase. Brunel University’s James Budkiewicz said: “For the students, it is convenient, reliable and safe.

“The real benefit is not having to queue at the ATM and not worry about losing cash or cards anymore. It reduces queuing at tills, and for retailers, it brings the ability to introduce loyalty schemes and reward customers for returning.”

Students are also being lured in to try out the technology with an offer of £5 credit for the first 1,000 people who sign up, with Sthaler hoping to have 3,000 people signed up and testing the Fingopay by November.

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