Peru’s president faces impeachment proceedings over payments

Peru’s president faces impeachment proceedings over payments

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Peru, President
President of Peru Pedro Pablo Kuczynski

Politicians in Peru have initiated impeachment proceedings against President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski over payments a decade ago from a Brazilian company at the heart of Latin America’s biggest corruption scandal.

In a special session on Friday, 27 of 130 members of congress approved launching the process to oust the president.

Mr Kuczynski has vowed to fight against what he said were politically-motivated calls for him to resign.

He reaffirmed his innocence in a televised address around midnight on Thursday, and said he had no management duties in his consulting firm when it received 782,000 dollars from consortiums led by Odebrecht, the Brazilian company.

Mr Kuczynski has the right to a political trial in which he can defend himself.

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