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Pets 'get daily home-cooked meals'

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Nearly 20% of cats and dogs eat meals cooked by their owners on a daily basis, a survey found

One in five pampered pets is made a home-made meal every day, a survey has revealed.

On a daily basis, 20% of cats and dogs are cooked a meal by their owners.

The survey, conducted on 3,000 British dog and cat owners during Drontal’s My Pet Superstar competition, also found that 10% of pets eat meals at the table with their owners while 9% of cats and dogs are fed with human cutlery.

Meanwhile, 50% of pet owners regularly let their cat or dog sleep on their bed.

And 40% of animal owners buy their pets Christmas and birthday presents.

My Pet Superstar judge Emma Milne said: “No one loves you more unconditionally than your four-legged friend and aside from being great companions, pets can also have a huge impact on people’s lives, providing them with emotional support.

“It is for this reason that people often provide animals with the same privileges they would a human.”

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