Pizza key clue in hunt for Joanna


Joanna Yeates, 25, who has not been seen or heard from since last Friday

Police hunting for missing architect Joanna Yeates are hoping CCTV footage of her buying a pizza will yield clues to her whereabouts.

Officers released some footage of her buying the item in a Tesco Express on the night she was last seen – and it has since become a key part of the investigation.

There was no trace of the pizza, the wrapping or the box in the flat that Miss Yeates shared with her boyfriend – despite the fact that the receipt, the coat she was wearing, and her mobile phone and keys were inside.

The footage shows Miss Yeates, 25, buying the Tesco Finest tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto pizza at around 8.40pm on December 17 in Clifton Village, Bristol. She is seen using a self-service till in the supermarket and is wearing a cream-coloured coat with a rucksack on her back.

A police spokesman said: “The video has been released by detectives hoping people in the area at the time will remember seeing Joanna and contact the police.”

Miss Yeates has not been seen or heard from since last Friday following a night out with work colleagues in Bristol. Her boyfriend Greg Reardon, 27, reported her missing on Sunday night after returning home to their flat in Canynge Road, Clifton, from a weekend away in Sheffield visiting family.

Detectives are investigating the possibility that Miss Yeates was abducted and said it was one of several lines of inquiry. Miss Yeates’s family are desperately hoping for news with a week having passed since her disappearance.

David and Theresa Yeates sobbed as they acknowledged that she could be being held against her will and begged for her to be returned safe and well.

Mr Yeates, 63, said: “Just let her go. If you have … if she is dead, then please tell somebody where she is. We want her back whatever.”

Friends of Miss Yeates have set up the website and an online campaign is running on both Facebook and Twitter.

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