Police: Don't phone about snowballs


Nottinghamshire Police has asked people to only ring about snowballs if strictly necessary

A police force which has been inundated with phone calls about snowballs has asked people to only ring if strictly necessary.

Switchboard operators at Nottinghamshire Police have received hundreds of calls about people throwing snowballs since the wintry weather hit the region.

A spokesman for the force said between 9am on Tuesday and 7.45am on Thursday around 120 calls had been sent through to the control room from switchboard operators.

He said those calls were thought to have been of a serious enough nature to make control room officers aware and many more will have come through to the switchboard which it was not necessary for police to be involved in.

He said: “We are advising people to only ring us if there is an incident with snowball throwing that it seems only police can deal with.

“These include incidents that are examples of serious antisocial behaviour, or involve vulnerable people, or pose real and serious dangers to traffic.

“We are receiving a great number of weather-related calls and are asking people to consider if the situation regarding snowball throwing is really a matter for police before they ring.”

He added the force had dealt with 27 road traffic collisions overnight, which were mostly minor, and that people did seem to be listening to advice about driving and travelling in the bad weather.