Reforms Needed After George Floyd’s Murder – #BlacklivesMatter

George Floyd mural

By Deborah Thomas

The term 20/20 vision in optical test terms means a perfect vision. Millions use this term regularly and we are now in 2020 and there is nothing perfect about this year. With the coronavirus brutally taking lives globally and lockdown driving populations to the brink, the last thing the eyes needed to see was a live stream of the police murdering, George Floyd. For 9 minutes the world sees a police officer kneel on George Floyd struggling to breathe saying “I Can’t Breathe”

This was so gruesome and heartbreaking and no matter who or what race you are, the feeling of humanity sets in. No human being should be killed off by the police or even anyone with the public watching in agony. This video was a tipping point for the world and sparked a rage of protests around the world. Black people especially have been continuously been killed by police for decades and this barbaric act has got to stop.

The Root Cause

The root cause of these gruesome killings is institutional racism embedded in the society. The black person has to apply 10 times more than other races to get a shot in a a good company. It even gets worse, majority of the PLC companies would not even give black applicants a second interview, and boy, it is gold dust to get extremely qualified applicants to be invited for an interview in the first place.

Education is another problem too. Admissions of black kids into our so called top schools and colleges is a problem. Black kids have far more hidden requirements to be admitted into schools. It is disturbing to see that the determined black kids have to take extra classes, extra sports and more to offer to even be considered admission in a fee paying institution. Sometimes if they are unlucky, they have to watch their steps all through and start out of trouble so they don’t get expelled.

Black boys are stopped at random by police several times more than than any other race and sadly the real criminals many of other races escape the real hands of the law. Many parents fear for the lives of their sons not for the fear of having an accident but of being labelled wrongly as a thief, some thug or a criminal. If you care to really speak to several black young men, you will discover that majority mind their businesses because of not getting a criminal record for a crime they have nothing to do with. So, imagine how it must feel for mothers out there with sons praying for the safe return of theirs sons from schools, colleges and work on a daily basis.

The media perception of bad, poverty, disease or inadequacies of life is always a black face even when the world knows it’s untrue. The constant show of all these negatives, less reporting of crimes committed by other races, representing villains in movies as only black people all lead to some type of racism in the society.

George Floyd’s protests is changing our world as this has brought this gruesome racism to light and it is now time for the several companies and people start seeing that Black Lives Matter and black people are not animals that can be killed at random and blamed for everything that is bad on earth. It is refreshing to see that many people and companies have all denounced racism, and one can only hope that all these protests and support for black lives will truly show in the next few months and years to come.

Racism needs to end and sadly all the privileged races should take a step back and start from their communities the various reforms. We are all equal no matter your race and gender. Everybody should be treated as humans no matter your race, gender and discrimination at all levels should stop.

Try challenging your neighbour if they are prepared to live as a black person for one week and see how many people will accept your challenge. I am not exonerating black people from all crimes or problems, what I am saying is that all lives should be treated the same. This live killing of George Floyd is a disgrace to humanity and this definitely is a watershed moment for all racists people out there.

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