Round Two: Ed Vaizey receives another ‘grilling’ from Andrew Neil

BBC Veteran Andrew Neil and MP Ed Vaizey

Ed Vaizey appeared on BBC’s Daily Politics, to speak on the In-campaign, and Chancellor Osbourne’s ‘punishment’ tax that he has planned in case of a ‘Brexit’ vote.

The Chancellor earlier stated that in the event of a Brexit vote, he said he will have to “slash public spending and increases taxes” in an attempt to deal with the £30bn “black hole”. This decision actually goes against regulatory decisions Tory MPs make, and 65 of those MPs said that his decision would be “untenable” if he tries to cut NHS, police and school spending.

Ed Vaizey
Ed Vaizey

Ed Vaizey, backed this claim by saying

Neil then asked him to tell him about what the forecast was from the Treasury about what would happen in a brexit, but Vaizey continued to refer to the Institute of Fiscal Studies. A common trend with these politicians that come to Andrew Neil interviews is that they seem to have consistent trouble answering questions straight forward.

Continuously throughout the entire interview, Vaizey ensured he did not answer questions he was asked. He also turned Mr Neil away from using the term “punishment” when refering to the £30bn tax.

“There is no majority in parliament ffor this budget, therefore the budget will not go through”, Neil replied.

As if the frustration was not enough for Mr Neil, he then continuously asked how Osbourne could even initiate such a raise in tax and cut in spending. Also, he later asked if he could name an economist that would back Osbourne’s “punishment” budget. Vaizey, again could not provide an answer.

John Mann was more frank when spoken to.

He gave a simple answer when asked if the labour party would vote for Osbourne’s tax increase. “No, this budget won’t be voted through…this is a press stunt.”

Whether you’re with remain or leave, it is clear that interviewing Mr Vaizey is an uphill task.

Round One of Neil vs Vaizey:

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