Russian spy hails Connery as Bond


Anna Chapman said Sean Connery is her favourite Bond (AP)

Russian spy Anna Chapman has revealed some secrets in her first TV interview – she has a passion for shooting, wants a lion cub as a pet and Sean Connery is her favourite James Bond actor.

But she remained silent on the job that made her an international tabloid star.

Chapman was one of ten Russian sleeper agents exposed in the United States and deported this summer in the biggest spy swap since the Cold War.

Russians have been waiting for her to speak publicly after months of teasing the media.

The red-haired 28-year-old said on a talk show on state television that she considers the failure of her mission a chance for new opportunities – though she declined to give details on what exactly her mission was.

She has become the new celebrity face of a Moscow bank that works with aerospace industries and joined the leadership of the youth wing of the main pro-Kremlin party. She said she plans to have her own TV show.

Chapman stripped down to lingerie for a photo spread in the Russian edition of Maxim, appearing on the cover of the November issue under the caption “For Your Eyes Only” – the title of a 1981 James Bond movie.

Asked who her favourite James Bond actor is, she named Sean Connery. She also said she admires Angelina Jolie, who played a suspected Russian sleeper agent in this year’s Salt – and hinted she has her own action star abilities.

“I’m a very good shot,” Chapman said. “I have a passion for it, and I love going to shooting ranges.”

Chapman said she still starts every morning with exercise: “I can’t function normally if I don’t do sports, it’s very important for me.”

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