Shia LaBeouf holds 24-hour anti-Trump video protest


Actor Shia LaBeouf has aimed another passionate statement at US president Donald Trump, in the form of a 24-hour live-streamed public protest video.

The performance art piece, which he created with two other artists on Saturday, simply allowed people to come up to a camera and say “He will not divide us”.

Shia told The Albuquerque Journal: “We are anti the normalisation of division. That’s it. The rest of the info is right there, chief, I got nothing else to say to you.”

He wore a jacket emblazoned with the “He will not divide us” mantra as he spoke to the camera attached to an outside wall of the city’s El Rey Theatre.

According to the paper, the event was not disturbed by police and attracted a large crowd – with some making speeches to the camera.

The event follows Shia’s arrest in New York City last month after he got into an altercation with another man during another performance art project. He faces a misdemeanour assault charge and is due in court April 4.

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