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Sleeping apart 'rekindles romance' Sleeping apart 'rekindles romance'

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 Sleeping apart 'rekindles romance' Sleeping apart 'rekindles romance'
Sleeping apart 'rekindles romance' Sleeping apart 'rekindles romance'

Sleeping apart, rather than together, may be the key to securing sweet dreams that are otherwise rudely interrupted by a mate’s restless limbs, snoring, muttering, and other annoying bedtime habits, a study has found.

Of the 4,000 British couples who took part in the One Poll survey, 75% said their sleep was disturbed by their partner snoring.

Other annoying nocturnal habits included muttering, mumbling, moaning and tossing and turning, the Bedtime Etiquette survey found.

The stealing of bedcovers was a problem for 58% of couples, while one in three complained about their partner talking out loud in their sleep.

“Snoring is the fastest way to kill the romance and passion in a relationship,” relationship expert Donna Dawson said.

“Not only is the suffering partner deprived of proper sleep, but the ensuing tiredness and resentment affects the sex drive and even the basic ability to communicate and show affection.”

A lack of shut-eye does not just throw a damp towel on intimate relationships. It can also leave people short-tempered with friends and colleagues, and lead to poor concentration at work.

A solution is for couples to sleep apart, as “a good night’s sleep not only revives the body, but also rekindles the romance by making it feel as though you are dating again”, Ms Dawson added.

The Bedtime Etiquette survey was commissioned by Etap Hotel, and carried out in September.

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