Stardom surprised 'fat kid' Winslet


Kate Winslet didn't get leading roles as a youngster

Kate Winslet said she never expected her success after her early years in theatre as “the fat kid who was pushed to the back”.

The Oscar-winning star, who picked up a best actress Oscar for her performance in The Reader, learned her trade at a youth theatre group in her hometown of Reading.

Footage of a return visit to the group, called Starmaker, posted on YouTube showed her speaking to its young performers.

She told them her sister got much better parts than her when they were younger, adding: “I was one of the ones who didn’t really get the main parts”.

In another clip, she described herself as “the fat kid who was pushed to the back and never got the leading parts”.

Kate added: “I was never the one who would get picked to go for the film auditions because I was always a bit overweight and always looked a bit wrong and had big feet”.

Press attention early on in her career often focused on her weight and the star has spoken out in the past about Hollywood’s obsession with skinny actresses.

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