Sugar Shockers


Think you’re eating healthy, you might want to rethink! As a matter of fact, sugar hides everywhere in our diets and the seemingly healthy snacks and food favorites can send your blood sugar levels skyrocketing. Folks, if you have been trying to cut back on added sugar in your dietary regime, you should not leave out the less obvious sources of added sugar. Honestly, sugar is present in most common processed or commercial foods in the market, the sugar content in most fat-free or healthy foods can knock off your diet right off the health pedestal.

So hold on to the golden rule of the grocery store shelves, if it’s packaged, it might be packed with sugar. You may not have perceived these health foods with suspicion, however consider yourself warned as your unconditional, unapologetic love for these so-called healthy foods is about to lessen, lest the calories add up quickly. So basically these foods are secretly making you fat!

Foods and drinks, most are sugar laden but disguised as a healthy food or beverage, yes the sweet stuff is absolutely everywhere, shoppers beware! Read on to find out how not to suffer an unintentional sugar binge again, here’s how! Below are a few healthy foods that may have added sugars lurking in them. 

1) Tomato based pasta sauces seem healthy, but in reality we intake almost four teaspoons per half cup servings pretty much closer to a cup of sauce with our pasta. It spikes insulin just like a dessert. Look out for sauces sans corn syrup, evaporated cane juice or organic varieties. 

2) Fat Free salad dressings are laden with sugar, this is due to the fact to cut down on fat however to retain the flavour, the makers rely primarily on sugar and salt. Hence, the calories here come from sugars like honey and concentrated fruit juice. Sometimes there’s as much as two teaspoons per two spoons of dressing. Opt for a dressing that lists heart-healthy fats canola or olive oil as the top ingredient.

3) Commercial Smoothies do add fruit and dairy to our diet, prepared smoothies have added sugars of sinful nine teaspoons and 230 calories in a single-serving bottle. Rather make our own smoothie with skim milk, plain nonfat yogurt, fruits, maple syrup instead of a sugary drink looked up as a health drink!

4) Barbecue sauce should be used sparingly for little flavor. Most barbecue sauce include three teaspoons sugar in only two tablespoons, high-fructose corn syrup, molasses so make your own sauces that way you get to control the amount of sugar. 

5) Multi grain cereals and biscuits Multi-grain crackers and cereals provide a healthy dose of low fat whole grains and fiber. The plain versions of cereals have no added sugars, but beyond that you should check the ingredient list. Stick with the plain versions of the cereal and adding fruit for sweetness. 

6) Chinese ready-to-eat food or take out has plenty of MSG, sodium and as much as 19 grams of sugar.

7) Dried fruit, healthy but sometimes as good as a candy, reason most add sugar to the cranberries, prunes, figs et all!

8) Energy drinks, you feel more than energetic or wired once you guzzle a can, reason your sugar intake. You end up taking in 83 grams of sugar with each can of your favourite energy drink!

9) Sushi, because the sushi rice wouldn’t be it sans sugar. Try sashimi or make at homw with brown rice instead.

10) Tinned baked beans, give you fibre, but most tins contain lots of sugar, colourants and additives. Now, go make your own home-made beans for breakfast!

Nutritionist Rohit Wadhwani throws light on a few dietary mistakes we are making, ‘Its vital to know what is inside your body and your food labels, so be an aware buyer. 

Fruit yoghurt: From protein to probiotics, yoghurt has goodness to keep you healthy, but fruit yoghurt contains high amounts of sugar which makes the yoghurt creamier, thicker, improves texture and works as a preservative. Also reduced fat or diet yogurts actually contains around the same amount of calories as the normal kind, thanks to a higher sugar content and carcinogenic sweeteners too. One cup of fruit yoghurt has anywhere from four to seven spoonfuls of sugar. Now do your math! 

Protein bars: Protein bars are packed with nutrients, but a protein bar contains 29 grams of sugar which is almost seven teaspoons of sugar. Protein bars can be eaten when you happen to miss your meals, instead of munching them as an everyday snack.

Granola: A perfect breakfast filler comprises rolled oats, honey, nuts, brown sugar and puffed rice which obviously is loaded with nutrients, it comprises 30 grams of sugar per 100 grams of granola, which makes it calorie-laden.

Whole wheat bread: The healthy bread most of us rely on for our diet regimen has about half-a-teaspoon of sugar in each slice. As a matter of fact, 100 grams of whole-wheat bread contains 247 calories, while white bread contains 270 calories. May not be the best option after all to add to your regime.

Vitamin waters: If you thought your colas and sodas are the only sugar-stuffed drinks, you have clearly moved over to flavoured as a perfectly satisfying low-calorie drink think again! As a matter of fact, 1 bottle of vitamin water contains 120 calories and nearly eight teaspoons of sugar. Are we shocked or what?

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