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7 Tips To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Every night millions of people struggle with chronic insomnia that can wreak havoc on everything from your memory and energy levels to your overall...

Experts back ‘beauty sleep’ concept

The key to looking attractive and healthy is as simple as a good night's sleep, new research suggests. Experts say they have uncovered the first...

New experiment offers hope for people who suffer from sleep apnoea

People who suffer from sleep apnoea could benefit from the findings of a study on mice. Central sleep apnoea occurs when there is a breakdown...

Overnight social media use linked to depression among teenagers

A lack of sleep among teenagers who are spending the night hours on social media can cause depression and anxiety, according to a study. Scientists...

Getting a good night’s sleep might not be the best way to deal with trauma

Escaping into sleep may not be the right way of dealing with a traumatic experience, a study suggests. In fact, a period of sleep deprivation...

Study suggests poor sleep ‘may cause Alzheimer’s’

Poor sleep could be a cause of Alzheimer’s disease, research has suggested. A lack of regular deep sleep allows a toxic protein known as beta-amyloid...

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