The Nightcap: This pandemic is “a pack of lies”

Negroni; Nightcap

Disgruntled Londoners protested in Hyde Park Saturday to voice their outrage over the continued lockdown practices. The lockdown predominantly consists of some business closure, but continued social distancing.

A leading voice in the crowd was none other than than activist Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Mr Corbyn announced to the demonstrators how the information about the pandemic is a “pack of lies”. He continued to say that measures were taken to “brainwash you and keep you in order”.

Pandemic causes more concerns

BBC Question Time on Thursdays featured Steven Barclay MP and RMT General Secretary Mick Cash. However, what really took the attention of the show was former Pizza Hut chairman, Luke Johnson. When asked for his opinion, Mr Johnson expressed his deep concern for the real economy.

”We are already in the largest recession for 300 years, in fact it’s not just one recession. The Bank fr England have said the economy’s will shrink by 14%, that’s the equivalent of 2 recessions… it’s a depression.”

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”…I wouldn’t be surprised if we have 2 million more unemployed people within a year.”

Although, we would rather the show focus on dealing with a ‘Coronavirus environment’, the point Mr Johnson made should not be overlooked. Luke Johnson indicated that the future for the UK economy is scarier than the virus.

The fact of the matter is, social and consumer behaviours are totally altered. With social distancing in place, we will see less intake of customers for restaurants and cafes for quite some time. Think about businesses that thrive off social gatherings like recreational centres, shopping malls and nightclubs for instance. If anything is certain, we are entering an uncertain economic environment.

Negroni; Nightcap

In this Nightcap, I want to shed light on the classic Negroni. Such a simple yet respected cocktail originating from Italy, combining Gin, Campari, and Red Vermouth (1 shot each). Stir the ingredients over ice, and garnish with an orange slice.