Thurso has jitters about Twitter

Thurso has jitters about Twitter


A Commons representative has admitted he knows nothing about Twitter, when asked if MPs should be allowed to tweet in the chamber

A Commons representative has admitted to MPs he did not know about Twitter and described the microblogging site as “twittery-thingy”.

Liberal Democrat John Thurso, who represents the House of Commons Commission, was asked about the House’s definitive policy on MPs updating the site while in the chamber.

Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle appeared to ban the use of Twitter in the Commons on Wednesday but MPs were later given the green light to carry on tweeting.

At question time, Labour former minister and keen tweeter Tom Watson asked: “Are you aware that younger members of this House, and dare I say more progressive members of this House, scrutinise the Executive using social media like Facebook and Twitter?

“Twitter is free. Could you give your unequivocal commitment that members of this House should be able to use Twitter to hold the Government to account?”

Mr Thurso paused before telling the MP: “I deeply regret to inform you that I am a dinosaur when it comes to twittery-thingy and really haven’t a clue how it works.

“So may I discuss that with you and find out what exactly you’re talking about?”



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