Train Your Waist The Corset Way!


Ever thought corsets could be actually used to shed weight? While the young population is swearing by corset diet, many would still like to question can wearing a corset make you look and get trimmer on the waist? Well, Corset dates back to the Victorian era, when women wore corsets to get slimmer waists or mid-section, look shapely, sharp and hourglass. The corset has been around for decades, but the corset diet has made its way into our lives only recently. Women are relying on the unique piece of clothing to shape their body, shed weight, re-shape and suppress appetite.

The corset diet craze has been inspired from Hollywood, needless to add the stars have raved about the corset’s ability to sculpt the waistline. In this form of diet, corsets are used daily to train the waist to get smaller, whereby the diet entails wearing a firmly laced corset for many hours a day. Regular exercises reduce fasting insulin levels in blood and reduces the hunger, corset diet is an alternative which appears incredibly simpler and fuss-free! The pregnant women world over are vouching for the double corsets by wearing it day and night for months together, to see shaped up tummy-line.

Diet Resolutions:

For the ones who are completely unaware, corset is worn as an undergarment, mainly a sheath of heavy material that contains supportive braces throughout its silhouette with laces in the back for the snuggest fit possible. Corsets acts as an external gastric band and do not allow much expansion of the stomach, thus helping to reduce food portions.

  1. The solid construction shapes the midsection and compresses the stomach, which gives an exaggerated waistline, accentuates the hips and upper body.
  2. One could lose weight due to frequently wearing the corset, this is due to the fact that the contraption makes it uncomfortable to eat hence one consumes fewer calories.
  3. This form of diet gives no limitations on the calories consumed nor does it forbid foods. The corset itself does all the work, with the clothing’s restrictive fit making it difficult to eat large meals and aids in portion control.
  4. Women on this diet need to wear a tight-fitting corset from nearly twelve hours for six weeks. Expect tons of sweating which will be worth it!
  5. The dieters could gorge on whatever they want and drink up wearing the corset, however they could avoid eating solid foods less than two hours before removing the corset. Also foods to avoid include bread, pasta, fried foods and sweets.
  6. A natural loss of appetite, is the reason for weight loss as the corset constricts the stomach and abdomen. The thought of indulging in a big meal will be unappealing with this diet form.
  7. The corset diet also helps the posture, it keeps the lower back straight and upright, engages your abs, the corset’s snug fit does not let you bend down or twist or restricts fair amount of breathing. Ideally a good corset fit should give you a gentle hugging sensation sans constrictions.
  8. A corset, along with healthy eating and activity can help shed all the waist weight.
  9. The corset also stimulates thermal activity, perspiration further mobilizing fat and toxins.
  10. Corsets or corrective corsets apart from weight control helps control back pain, muscle tension, osteoarthritis, corrects posture, past injuries, reduces headaches, migraines; could manage blood pressure, minimize menstrual cramp, supports bust-line, gastrointestinal disorders, fractures and slipped discs.


1. When one begins the diet, let your body get adjusted to the corset in a day or two, you could begin by wearing it for a couple of hours at first and then building up to 12 hours a day.

2. And as you progress with your diet, you could tighten the laces or even switch to a smaller corset to ensure a snug fit.

3. Steel-bone corsets designed for weight loss are the latest, include one in your regime and wait for results. While you are at it, get one which is four or five inches lesser than your actual waist, begin by wearing it few hours a day and increase it to the full term eventually.

We bet you’ll see a difference. Happy Corset to you all!

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