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Under 30 Financial Collapse? ReadThis

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By Deborah Thomas

Are you under 30, lost your job, no savings, or moving back to mom and pops? Or you never left home, can’t get a mortgage because you don’t earn enough for many of the expensive property prices? Or perhaps you are just a bum and you will never move out of home because mum does all the cooking and washing. Whatever your category, you can get out of this. Most financial mistakes made between the ages of 25 to 30 years old can easily be remedied as it is easier to get over financial losses quicker and move into another industry at a young age. Well I have news for you, you have time and in many cases limited responsibilities in life. You can still fix this so sit down and digest all these short tips to get you all fired up.

Fresh Start

1. Home Clearance

Car boot sale

Clear out all the old and new stuff of value that you don’t need and get them listed for sale on to an e-commerce website. There are several secure website ranging from eBay to Amazon. Selling items you have cluttering up your home unnecessary can generate good funds that you never expected. Especially during this difficult period of financial crisis, thousands will end up shopping for only heavily discounted goods. As a last resort you can arrange a car boot sale.

2. Learn A New Skill

Studying for a new course

In desperate times, we need desperate measures. There is no free cup of tea in a lot places, like we use to in the good old days, so start thinking of what activities you enjoy most that can be turned into a money making venture. From teaching languages, sports coaching youngsters, weekend DIY, dog walking, telesales and host of non academic side jobs. Start weighing the options of getting registered on a short accredited course that can boost your CV. Remember any extra qualification or experience will always enhance your job opportunities. It may also be the right time to start that new business idea you have never been brave enough to do. Start thinking today about your new path way to life and get yourself out of the rut and get in some morning affirmations: “I will succeed”. If you say this to yourself long and believe in yourself, you will definitely succeed. Don’t let anyone get you down because success is measured in many ways and everyone has their own pace in life. Getting there is what matters not how long it took you to get there.

3. Bad Loans

Financial Dilemma

Avoid loans if possible especially now that you are unemployed or strapped for cash. The worse damage you could do to yourself is getting a loan that you can’t afford. No matter how attractive the offer is, try as much as loss to avoid high interest loans because if you can’t pay this will hinder your credit rating. Whatever your credit position right now always remember that  have time to resolve your issues and build a better credit rating. Consult a financial advisor or your bank to discuss all your options.

4. Eat Right

Dark chocolate

Consuming more food that your body does not require does potentially have adverse effects on your body. Over eating is not just for preventing weight gain or preventing diseases but it is also known that eating too much food may slow down your metabolism. Some foods particularly are known to make the body lazy and consequently you can’t think right. Making a financial decision is a serious process and you need to be in the right frame of mind to make good decisions. Avoid super oily foods, and avoid junk food. There has been several studies that prove eating junk food can make you lazy and may potentially make you slower which in turn makes you less motivated. Eat more brain foods like dark chocolates, broccoli, nuts, pumpkinseeds, blueberries and fruits like oranges. Brain foods keep you alert and when you are alert you are prone to be more sensible.

5. Exercise

Cardio Exercises

Motion brings emotion, so get started with some exercise routine daily and and get your lungs filled with fresh air and see how rejuvenated you will be. Exercise done in the morning have a longer lasting effect and if you are sad and don’t feel like getting out of bed, the best solution is a cup of coffee and good run or very brisk walk to sharpen your nerves.

All the best !



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